The amazing brain power

MID-B is here with an exceptional way of teaching that makes use of scientific methods cumulatd with age old practices of triggering children of ages between 5 and 15. Our training helps improve the child's sensory powers and polishes skills

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Eye Opener

Reading - while few may think this to be an arduous task, few others find it too simple. How would you want your child to be - the former or the latter? Obviously, you'd need the latter. What if your child holds the capability of understanding the core concepts of a book just by reading the first and last lines of the book? That may look literally impossible, but we'll make it possible with our typical training method

It is Pretty Cool Too.

We do not have any explanation other than scientific reasons. Think back to your school grades and recollect the biology you studied you may remember our brain is divided into two parts - left and right. While the right brain stands responsible of the creativity, intutions and imaginations, it is the left brain that does all logical thinking and has all analytical abilities. It is this left brain that we intend targeting and ofcourse to connect these two for a phenomenal experience. This in turn triggers the innovative stimuli of your child